"Fall" for Grace

     Every day I get to serve alongside some of the most dedicated, creative, talented people in the world. From the high school principal that will drop anything to help you with something as insignificant as setting up a table so you can get your project done to the financial manager that will look you in the eye and gently answer your questions, these people are compassionate and genuinely concerned about your needs. From the new teacher that jumps right in to all things Grace by bringing in hundreds of box tops and planning after-school help classes to the veteran teacher that courageously learns new computer programs and teaching strategies, these people are committed to excellence and teamwork. From the teacher who coaches and sponsors multiple clubs in addition to spending late hours on campus to be prepared for the next day to the teacher who arrives before dawn to pray and prepare for the day, these people do not settle for mediocre in their lives or in their students'.

     I didn't even mention the headmaster that pulls money out of his own pocket when a child forgets his lunch, the teacher that still tutors alumni in their college courses, the guidance counselor whose open door welcomes students, parents, and others from the time she arrives till she leaves each day, or the athletic director that makes it a point to bring a smile to your face every time he walks in the door. I also didn't mention the teacher that spends time mentoring his students over lunch, the secretary who causes every person that walks into the building to feel as though they are her most important task of the day or the teacher who prepares detailed notes for announcing home ballgames giving excellence to the voice of the Golden Eagles.

     This barely begins to uncover what happens every day at Grace Baptist Academy, for I only mentioned a handful of high school faculty. While teachers in other places are complaining about their $70,000 salaries, the teachers at GBA are complaining that there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything they want to do in the lives of the families (yes, not just the students) who walk through the doors.

     If you haven't figured it out yet, I have fallen in love with this place! Our teachers are top-notch! However, because of the nature of a private school and the economic crisis in our country, these teachers not only serve for minimal salaries, but also make the most out of limited resources. While they do this very well, it is necessary for the survival of this ministry that funds be raised!

     As I write this, teachers are actively preparing for what could be the largest community-building event of the year. They have recruited help, rallied donations, and tirelessly pumped up their students for our Fall Festival next Saturday, September 22. In addition to their lesson plans and oh, yes, caring for their spouses and children, they've been working to make this day a success! And don't even get me started on the incredible parents who have been working since before summer to put together incredible auction baskets and items that you are sure to be fighting over!

     So why do I share this with you? Two reasons:
1. You have GOT to meet these people! They're amazing!
2. We need your money.
     From spending $15 to visit fun festival booths and a few dollars on rummage sale items to bidding on themed baskets and auction items, your financial support will not only help us to get rid of all this stuff we're collecting, but it will also encourage the people who work every day for a ministry they whole-heartedly believe in!

     Won't you "Fall" for Grace?
     Come join us next Saturday, starting at 9:00 A.M.!

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